Are You a One Trick Pony? 

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Have you heard the song by Paul Simon, One-Trick Pony? I have recently listened to this song, and it made me think of leaders who resist change. They rely on the skills they know and trust. They stick to their old ways of thinking while not realizing they are not only stagnating themselves but their teams and the organization. 

Are you a One-Trick Pony? Are you stuck in an old belief system about what it means to be an effective leader? Do you laugh out loud when others start talking about empathy, heart, and compassion as being necessary to be a great leader? If so, you might want to reconsider and face your fear of change.   

Consider this, if you continuously repeat what you know and simply survive, never taking into account where you can grow and improve, you will be stuck and stagnate. On the contrary, leaders who embrace a growth mindset don’t fear change; they accept it with passion. They understand that smart, motivated people thrive in times of change. A leader who is open to change will want to hear input from their team and welcome new ideas. A leader who encourages change will increase the confidence of followers and potentially empower them to become leaders themselves

Change is uncomfortable and it’s supposed to be. Have you ever started a workout routine? If so, you know how much the first few weeks really suck. You must constantly push, reminding yourself the “pain will be worth the gain”. This is not that different from what you need to do to grow as a leader. You need to get uncomfortable and constantly move forward in new directions while learning new skills like empathy and compassion. If you are not committed and consistently growing, nothing will ever change with your health or your leadership.  

So, have you thought about how you lead, are you a One-Trick Pony? If so, here are a few new tricks you might want to learn to become a more effective leader. This will not only benefit you but also your team and your organization.  

Be Open Minded. If you’re the leader who is saying “this is who I am, take it or leave it.” You are not open-minded. You need to start listening and learning. Be willing to hear new ideas and alternative ways of doing things. 

Invest In Yourself. As a leader, you are investing in your business, customers, and people. You are an important asset to your business so why not invest in yourself? Consider your personal and professional growth as a leader a good return on investment that will have long-lasting benefits.  

Attitude. Keep it positive and believe in yourself. Attitude is the most important factor for growth. If you embrace change, you will change. Attitude is everything. 

Be Accountable. Leaders are great at holding followers accountable. Well, how about you? Hold yourself accountable for your own growth and learning. You will be setting an example for your followers and encouraging them to grow and develop as well. 

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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