Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

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Have you ever considered that you are the Hero of your own story?

Have you ever thought of yourself as the main character in your life, creating an entire story solely about you? Your life is a long adventure, upon which you will face challenges, overcomes obstacles, and meet other characters along the way. But the story is yours and you are the Hero. 

There is something called The Hero’s Journey, it is a story structure created by Joseph Campbell, you may want to check it out (HERE). It’s the outline of a story narrative that takes you on a circular journey. On the journey, you will adventure through the trials and tribulations of becoming a Hero and it ends where you began, but you are enlightened and transcended. It sounds crazy but if you think about it, it’s how the story of life is played out if you chose to listen to the call. 

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I have been on my own Hero’s journey.

I was called to the adventure and left the ordinary world about 15 years ago and chose not to ignore this call as I knew deep in my soul there was something more meaningful for me. From about the age of 37 until today I have been faced with many trials and tribulations. I failed more than I succeeded, but I knew deep down that if I kept going pushing through each battle I would arrive somewhere. I had no idea where, but I knew I could not quit and had to persevere. 

Each challenge I faced and failure I experienced threw me into a frenzy, despair, frustration, and confusion. I would ask “why”? Why is this so hard, why can’t I just achieve the level of success I am striving for? Why do I keep arriving at another dead end? The answers to these questions did not come until I surrendered. When I say surrender, I do not mean I gave up, I mean when I stopped blindly pushing and fighting and started to pay attention

In this time of pause and reflection; let me share that this was not a moment it was at minimum a year, I began to see how the villain I was facing was me. I was self-sabotaging, unconsciously creating scenarios where I could not succeed, and I allowed my belief system to keep me playing small. I had written a narrative that was not mine. It was a narrative from the voice of my Ego. The Ego voice is one that reminds you of who you cannot be or the things you will never achieve. The Ego is developed from experiences. Typically, negative experiences that you never want to feel again. Embarrassment, criticisms, judgments. The Ego keeps you hidden behind a mask so the real you cannot be revealed. 

When I realized the Ego was the villain in my story, I began to write a new narrative.

A narrative where I was the Hero. By slaying my ego villain my life purpose become clear, I connected to my personal Why and the story changed. I began to have experiences I could not have imagined, and met people who provided opportunities that changed my life. I began to live life from a place of love rather than fear, and I currently live my life with joy and happiness and get to guide others on their Hero’s journey every day. 

I share all of this because this is how I coach my clients; I do not use performance metrics, KPI’s or cookie-cutter coaching methodologies. I’m a human and so are you. We both have a life story that we live by that shapes every thought, behavior, and decision. You cannot be the best version of yourself until you venture on the Hero’s Journey and courageously emerge as the Hero of your own life story. 

This may not have occurred to you but to be a leader is to be a Hero.

A Hero is someone who is willing to take a risk for the sake of protecting others. They are authentic and drive change. They are willing to do the things no one else will and strive to make the world a better place. 

So, ask yourself, are you the Hero of your own story? Are you on your Hero’s Journey?

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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