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Are you an entrepreneur or leader of a company? Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out how to increase your business success? Have you been dreaming of a secret sauce that would take you to new heights? Well, let me share a few things about the business of humans that I have learned in my 15-plus years as an executive and business coach.

First, business is ALL about humans. The Business of Humans, to be exact.

No matter how you slice it. You, as the leader or business owner, are human. Your team; all humans. Your customers, vendors, clients, patients, whatever you call them all humans. So, to be the most effective leader or successful business owner you need to start by understanding humans. And the first human you need to start with is YOU!

If you do not understand yourself first, you will never reach your greatest potential as a leader. Because if you do not understand yourself, how can you possibly understand and lead anyone else? 

To start understanding yourself you must gain clarity on your personal story.

When you realize the influence of the story you tell yourself about yourself you can let go of the chapters that no longer serve you. You can begin to change the narrative and start to live as the person you were intended to be. 

Next, you need to learn about your strengths.

I know your probably saying yeah, yeah, I know my strengths. I am a good communicator and get along with people. I say blah, blah, blah! That does not tell me anything real about you. I would like to know how and with whom you prefer to communicate and about what? Do you like public speaking? Writing blogs or newsletters. How do you like to communicate? Who are the people you relate to? Children, adults, the elderly? Are you beginning to see there is a deeper understanding to be gained about your strengths other than you’re a good communicator and you get along with people? 

Next, in order for you to become a successful leader you need to become clear about your personal “why”.

What is it that drives you to get out of bed every day? What is the true purpose of your existence? You may be thinking that is too deep and meaningless. I disagree. When you can connect with the deep part of yourself that aims to achieve, change, or influence something bigger than yourself: that is when life begins to make sense. 

My “why” is to help people like yourself to realize your greatest potential and to reconnect with who you already are. There is some ambiguous moment in life when we lose the connection with our truth and start living the life of someone else. Think about it. Are you living your greatest life, or have you become someone you don’t really know? 

 The first five ingredients of the secret sauce are:

  1. Realizing leadership and business are ALL about humans.
  2. Understand yourself first!
  3. Gaining clarity about your personal story.
  4. Learn and connect with your strengths. 
  5. Spend time discovering your “why.”

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Dr. Dionne Kress

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