Leadership Transcended

Coaching Services

When choosing to work with a leadership coach you should connect with someone who aligns with your personal or organizational values.

Your initial conversation should seek to understand the coach’s uniquely designed approach and how it fits with the leadership changes you desire.

My coaching process is unique in that it is grounded in my core values (Transcendence, Truth, Love) and has its origin in my personal life story. What that means is, I developed my process because of my negative experiences with leaders. I knew in my heart there had to be a better way.

As a lifelong learner and entrepreneur, I know life is about growth and evolvement. We are meant to become something bigger than what we believe about ourselves. We exist to transcend.

Leadership Coaching

I Exist in Truth

I exist in truth. When you work with me as your coach, I will guide you to get honest with yourself. Truth and honesty are required for your success. You must be willing to explore to reveal your truth and achieve your greatest purpose.

As we work together, I will show you why heart and love are a necessary part of leadership transcendence. Great leaders change the world when they understand the value of recognizing the dignity and worth of every human being. Leading with heart and love are the key ingredients to transcending your leadership.

What can you expect from your coaching experience:

A new understanding of how personal strengths and story affect your leadership style and continued leadership development

A life and organization infused with more positivity, love, and humility

A focus on self-care, growth, and learning

Leadership success based on authenticity and transparency

A thriving organizational culture


What is most authentic about Dionne is that not only does she push us to be curious, honest, and intentional in our daily work, she lives those things in our office environment too! 

Tessie Greedfield, Operations Coordinator Port X Logisitics