Culture and a Chief Heart Officer

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What do I care about most within an organization? Culture, hands down. Culture is the people, it provides a sense of well-being, and is established by a core set of values and belief systems. The culture creates the organizational vibes. As a Chief Heart Officer, I like to lead with love and focus my attention on the culture first.

My approach to building a thriving organizational culture always starts with the leadership team. I need to understand their personal stories of “why”. I engage them in a process that helps them to become crystal clear about why they do what they do in their business and why they lead as they do. The cultural vibe will always start with the leader (s) and trickle down from the top.

My approach to leadership coaching and development is anything but typical.

I do not follow traditional strategic methodologies, nor do I use a cookie-cutter approach. I believe every human I work with is unique and every organization requires an individualized approach.

I experience people in their wholeness, meaning, mind, body, and spirit. I believe I must seek to understand each individual and hear their story. It is my role to listen and guide people toward self-awareness and gaining a new perspective of self. This is where the real change begins to happen. This is how the organizational culture begins to emerge.

When I began my work with Brian Kempisty, founder of Port X Logistics I quickly realized we had a lot in common. He had a vision of providing people with a positive experience and changing their lives in some way. I believed in guiding people toward changing their lives by realizing the positive things about themselves. Two belief systems collided to create a company culture that has not only changed people at the core of their being but provides them with a new experience of self.

Brian and I both see humans, not assets, when it comes to leading an organization.

We know that an aligned belief system builds a culture of trust, respect, open communication, and love of people.

The key to building a compassionate company culture is to listen, express empathy and create a safe space for people to talk about what is on their minds. Every individual needs to be heard and supported toward their success and the success of the business.

In my professional experience, I have learned that individuals must align with the organizational culture. Culture is a vibe, it represents a set of core values, and you can feel it in every aspect of the organization if it is supported and nurtured. It shows up in how people treat each other. Culture is the organizational purpose, values, and beliefs.

My question for you is, what do you care about most within your organization? Have you established a thriving organizational culture that has a loving and supportive vibe?
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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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