Culture, Service, Tech, and Trucks

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Culture, service, tech, and trucks.

What could these four words possibly mean? These are the four foundational pillars of Port X Logistics and together they have begun to revolutionize the nature of the logistics industry. These simple four words have been the driving force behind the growth of this business, its leadership team, culture, and the Port X customer experience.  

You have heard me talk about Port X Logistics many times. I have been their Chief Heart Officer for about five years and have supported their growth as an aspirational brand. I do many things within Port X Logistics from coaching the team to supporting the culture, and ensuring our people and customers are having a positive, life-changing experience. 

I had a revelation recently that helped me to understand the importance of my role and responsibility and the four foundational pillars more clearly. I often taut how more companies should be considering someone like me to support the growth of their people and business. My role is unique and untraditional. I am a cross between an executive leadership coach, a business development coach, and a resource for humans. I can wear many hats throughout my day. It may not sound like much but it truly has impact. 

The revelation that hit me happened when I was at the TPM23 (Trans-Pacific Maritime) Conference in LA a couple of weeks ago. While at that conference I was astonished by the number of customers, strangers, and old friends of Port X who came to our booth simply to tell us how amazed they were with what we were doing. They expressed their enjoyment of working with our team, how much they valued the Port X experience, and how cool they thought our culture was. Additionally, many shared how they have been working to emulate our brand because they loved us so much. I believe a copycat is the best source of compliment. 

This got me thinking about what we really do differently at Port X Logistics. Then it hit me. We fire on ALL cylinders (culture, service, tech, and trucks) all the time. The thing that makes Port X Logistics distinct is that as a team we proactively communicate, we touch the lives of humans on a daily basis and we continuously strive to plan, prepare and execute. We do not have our four pillars hanging on the wall only to be seen as people walk by. We bring them to life every day. We live, breathe, and interact with them daily. 

As I stated, my role is unique and untraditional and has impact. Together with the leadership team, I work to ensure all things relevant to the success of Port X Logistics are touched upon every single day. That is the thing I believe we do differently and that is why I believe Port X Logistics has become so successful so quickly.  

As you consider the success of your own company, think about your foundational pillars. Are you and your team actively living them? Are you talking about them, acting upon them, and using them as your road map to make an impact in your industry? 

If you are curious about the role of a Chief Heart Office and how it can influence the success of your business please feel free to connect with me. I love to share my story and would love to help you create yours. 

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Dr. Dionne Kress

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