Do You Lead with Agility?

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When you think about your leadership style do you ever consider agility as an important characteristic? If you are an agile leader, it means you are open and continuously exploring new ways of thinking. You are willing to develop new habits so you can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. When acting as an agile leader you will be more creative and collaborative with your team. 

Leadership is a real-time sport and requires flexibility, agility, and courage. As situations unfold on any given day, you need to be aware of your strengths and manage your emotions. All being a delicate balance as you attempt to engage and empower your team. If you consider any professional sport, mental, physical, and emotional agility are required to win the game. 

To assess your own ability to be agile, consider your level of self-awareness first! Are you able to clearly articulate your strengths and how to apply them to your leadership style? Are you connected to the “why” of your thoughts, behaviors, and decisions? Being transparent and authentic with who you are as a leader is a significant piece to your leadership success. 

There have been countless times when I have asked a client to talk to me about his/her strengths to help me understand how they lead. Often, they are unable to clearly articulate who they are or how they lead. If you do not know and understand yourself first, how can you effectively lead others? Good leadership starts with self-awareness and the ability to be agile. 

Our current business environment is changing fast, you must do the same. If you are an agile leader, you will challenge the status quo, ask tough questions, and engage in the difficult conversations others avoid. Agility requires you to get uncomfortable, act with accountability, and make decisions with urgency even in times of uncertainty. Agile leaders take risks and quickly move in new directions because they know it’s the right thing to do for both their team and the organization.   

Take a moment to sit quietly. Contemplate whether you truly understand who you are as a leader. Are you aware of the “why” driving your leadership style and are you agile when you face turbulent times?

If you are not curious about who you are, you may not be curious about your leadership. 

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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