Does it Make Sense to have a Chief Heart Officer on Your Team?

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If you follow me, you have heard me talk a lot about my role as the Chief Heart Officer of Port X Logistics.

Port X is a Logistics company that specializes in expediting containerized cargo throughout the US and Canada.  They provide drayage, trans-loading, and over the road trucking to help their clients meet their fulfillment and production plans. You know all those shipping containers you have seen in the news on the giant vessels? Port X is part of the process of moving what’s inside to various destinations. 

You might be thinking why would a logistics company have a Chief Heart Officer?

That does not make sense? If you are coming from an old leadership mindset it won’t make sense. But if you are a leader who understands the needs of people, the importance of culture, and the influence of branding it is a must! 

Port X is not just about moving freight, Port X is about people. Everything they do from marketing, branding, sales, operations, and accounting all starts with the people. When you focus on the people’s needs and wants you will improve their lives. People who are treated with kindness, compassion, and love are happier and more productive. If you make this shift in your thinking you will experience a positive ripple effect in your culture.

As the CHO (Chief Heart Officer) one of my primary responsibilities is to help build and sustain the Port X culture. I have learned from my experience that culture starts with your organizational purpose and why. You must be crystal clear about why your business exists. Once you have that clearly defined the rest is simple. Live, breathe, and act with that purpose in mind every day.  

When you understand your organizational purpose and your why you begin to build an organizational culture that will be genuine and transparent. Nothing will be contrived or feel fake. You will be leading from your true values and belief system. From this vantage point, you cannot waiver.

Your culture must also align with your brand. Purpose-focused initiatives have longevity. If you want to differentiate your brand, start from within. Thinking more about your people will create an attraction and a deeper value in the things you do for others. 

Port X exists because they knew there was a better way to move freight and to treat people. Their purpose is to provide people with a positive experience that will change their lives in some way. We provide our team with the opportunity to become the best version of themselves every day. What does that have to do with moving freight? Everything! Our people are happy, feel empowered, and confident and in turn, change the lives of the customers they deal with on a daily basis. 

Create a culture and a brand that is genuine and from the heart, it will turn heads. It will create a deeper meaning and purpose for your team and the people they deal with every day. 

The original question was, “Does it make sense to have a Chief Heart Officer on your team?”

After reading this blog post I hope you have begun to realize that purpose, culture, and branding are driving factors both internally and externally for your business. Having a CHO will help to sustain your culture by continuously bringing everyone back to the basics, reminding them of the organizational why and keeping the brand in alignment.

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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