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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with our LA/Long Beach team. Every year I have the opportunity to travel to LA/Long Beach where I get to spend face-to-face time with each member of our team. I check in to ensure they continue to have a positive Port X experience and to see if there is anything more, I can do to support their continued success.

Change your Perspective with Dr Dionne Kress

This particular visit was especially exciting, Jackie Reyes who manages our LA office, invited me to go on a Helicopter ride over the ports. Talk about a shift in perspective. Once you are 500 feet in the air you get a view of the organized chaos of the world of logistics. It is both beautiful and complex all at the same time. Shipping containers come in a multitude of colors and are perfectly stacked and organized throughout the shipping yard. It truly looks like a piece of art from above. It’s truly spectacular!!

One of the key components of the Port X culture is about providing people with experiences that change their lives. This was an opportunity that certainly enhanced my experience of Port X and what we do each and every day. As the CHO, I am not hands-on with the movement of freight, but I understand the process from the face of the computer screen. However, once you get to see it live and in action, you gain a new appreciation for what our operations team faces every day.

At @Portxlogistics we talk about our “Why” and our culture a lot. It is foundational to our success. As I mentioned we strive to provide every member of our team (myself included) with a positive experience that will change their lives in some way. My visit to LA/Long Beach and the experience of being in that helicopter certainly did both for me.

Thank you @Portxlogisitics.

If you lead an organization, I assume you spend time ensuring that your team is engaged in the culture. I assume as a leader you strive to provide positive experiences that enhance the lives of your people. In order for your organization to thrive it is important each team member feels supported, inspired, and that they are able to contribute to something meaningful.

Consider how you can continue to motivate your team with opportunities that change their perspective of what they do each day, and also change their lives.

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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