Growth and Change

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When people hear the word change, they immediately cringe. It is a known fact that people resist change before they embrace it. Change instills a fear of the unknown that leads to stress or anxiety.

We are constantly bombarded with messages about being healthier, stronger, busier, richer, and smarter. We find ourselves in a constant spiral of wanting more, doing more, and improving more. Where do we start?

We seek expert advice, read volumes of books, may attend courses, workshops, and webinars. There are millions of resources for self-help, fitness, professional development, emotional awareness the list goes on and on. Self-help and professional growth and development are multibillion-dollar industries, and many of us are on a continuous search for the “right” answer or magic cure.

Change is complex and no one size fits all approaches.

We have also come to the reality that knowing does not equal doing. So, we continuously struggle to make and keep the changes we seek.

Growing is hard. But if you are not growing you are dying. Are you stuck in the spiral?

Here are a few thoughts for you as you continue your growth journey.

Start by looking inward, not outward. Personal growth is personal and is all about you. You are a unique human with unique experiences and character. Seek to understand yourself first. Self-awareness is key to your ability to grow and maintain a long-lasting change.

Think holistically. Growth and change are not one dimension and include all areas of your well-being. A holistic approach to change should include your mind, body, and spiritual self. It can also include your life’s emotional, social, and financial areas.

Consistency and discipline. Commit to a goal and practice discipline. Change is hard, it’s supposed to be. You must engage in consistent habits until you achieve the goal. Practicing self-discipline will help you overcome challenges and not be deterred or distracted.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. As I stated above, change is hard, and it’s supposed to be. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing, it is a sign that you are growing, that change is happening. Embrace it, be in the flow, and go with it. What is the worst thing that can happen?

Surround yourself with lovers, not haters. Have you ever noticed when you announce you are making a change and you share it with someone their first response is, “Oh good for you” followed by a litany of negative comments on how and why you will not succeed? Find your people! Those who will support, motivate, and inspire you to achieve your goals. You need people who believe in you!

Finally, show yourself compassion on your journey. There are many things we should be doing or could be doing but remember to reflect and celebrate what you are doing.

Yes, change and personal growth are hard, but they are part of the human condition. We do desire to grow into better versions of ourselves.

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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