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Some may say that there is no place for heart in business. Well, I disagree. Leading with heart is simply leading in an unselfish way while serving others. It means as a leader you do the right thing in difficult circumstances. You use empathy and express unselfish concern for your people. If leading with heart makes you feel uncomfortable then try thinking about it as having compassion, being purpose driven or practicing servant leadership.  

In my leadership practice I am always encouraging my clients to open their hearts. Some follow my suggestions and others say it is a weakness. My response is, how can it be a weakness if it connects you to people you care about and helps them drive results. We are all human and the heartbeat is the essence of our very existence. 

It has been scientifically proven that the heart is a source of extraordinary intelligence and plays a role in human behavior. Did you know the human spirit exists within the heart? The heart is how we detect our sense of well-being, and it is what inspires performance.  

Research has shown when a leader leads with heart they realize greater employee engagement, performance, and profits. The world is uncertain, and people are fatigued, why not lead with your heart? Your heart is your feeling center. Your heart motivates you to be authentic and positively influence others. Leading with heart will guide your people toward job satisfaction and achievement.    

Overcome the fear of taking the 18-inch journey from your head to your heart your business will become more successful, and your people will thank you. 

Leading with heart does not mean you are soft. It means you understand the uniqueness of your people You realize the importance of creating caring connections and the opportunity you have as a leader to positively influence the lives of others. 

If you believe business is purely about profits and driving results you are missing the real meaning of being a leader. Being in a leadership role is a privilege. Begin to lead with your heart and you will begin to experience the exceptional achievement of your people.

I hope you found this week’s newsletter inspiring and helpful. Let’s continue the conversation. 

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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