How Healthy Is Your Heartbeat?

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How often do you consider the health of your organization – literally, taking a step back to consider how it feels, or its mood?   Your organization probably has a unique personality upon which its attitudes and belief systems are built, which in turn, influences your team. Is that personality healthy still? 

 Take that step back and look at your organizational culture today:

  • Can you describe how it feels?
  • Are your employees engaged?
  • Are they buying into the organization’s core values and behavioral expectations?
  • How does your organization identify and solve problems?
  • What is the process for planning, preparing, and executing when a change is needed, or progress needs a reboot? 
  • Who holds everyone accountable and inspires them daily toward the organizational “Why”? 

 This is the health check that should be performed on your organization on a regular basis. 

And if we’re talking about good health, you always want to start with a healthy heart!

Who is the heartbeat of your organization – the one who pumps those foundational values, attitudes, and beliefs throughout your organization?  Who upholds the organizational story, reminding people daily about the true meaning and purpose of your “why?” Is there one?

We’ve all worked for that organization that told you all about its origin story, values, mission, and vision on that first day, only to never hear about it again. After that, you just got to work, maybe passing by kitschy framed corporate art extolling those values down the halls or in the conference room. But a great organization, a healthy one, has a healthy heart that pumps those ideas throughout its body always, consistently breathing life into the foundational components of your business operations.

 This is what a Chief Heart Officer, or CHO, does. Have you ever considered the significant impact having one as part of your leadership team can have? They are the person who breathes life into the success of your business.   

A Chief Heart Officer pumps all those values, attitudes, and beliefs that gave your organization its successful start, throughout your organization on a daily basis.

It ensures an organizational culture that operates in an effective and productive way. Your “why” is always at the forefront of each day. After all, it’s your “why” that got you to where you are now, and it’s your “why” that is going to generate all your future success. Why not keep it at the forefront? 

We all know employees can become disengaged from work. Maybe they have lost their purpose. Maybe they are burnt out. A Chief Heart Officer keeps them connected to the purpose of their work, their own personal “why,” and how it contributes and meshes with the organization’s purpose. They will always be reminded of your organization’s story, and why your culture exists.

Whether it’s as the acting CHO for an organization, or working to coach a team leader to become the organization’s CHO,  I love seeing what creating those collaborative connections between all the members of an organization can do. I love witnessing the success that comes from keeping each team member invested in an organization’s vision and mission. There is nothing more foundational to life than a good healthy heartbeat. It’s no different for a business! If you don’t have a CHO, get yourself one!

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

Welcome. I’m grateful your quest led you here. I’m Dr. Dionne Kress, a professionally trained leadership coach, therapist and business expert, successfully working to transcend leaders and their teams.

My mission is to reveal the bolder, stronger leader living within. I’ve built a successful practice and leadership model for top executives and their teams so these clients can live a more purposeful and impactful life.

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