How To Build a Coaching Culture

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Leadership coaching is a developmental process often limited to the executive leadership team. I strongly believe the coaching culture process must start at the top; however, I also believe leadership coaching should be provided to all members of your organization. 

A coaching culture will ensure each member of your team is provided the opportunity to grow and develop into the best version of themselves. Coaching makes certain that each person is optimizing their strengths while contributing to the success of the organization. 

Let me use professional sports as a comparison. Professional sports teams are made up of people working together to achieve a goal. The goal is to beat the competition and win the game. Businesses are also made up of teams of people working together to achieve a goal. The goal is to be the best in their industry and become a successful business. AKA to win the game. 

Providing leadership coaching to all members of your team will ensure you are providing opportunities for growth based upon individual strengths.

A coaching culture focuses on real-time feedback; encouraging employees to learn from daily experiences. Employees who are empowered will seek solutions to their problems rather than simply asking for answers. Leadership coaching is a practice that builds confidence and inspires people to do better. Much like sports coaching. 

Infusing a coaching culture starts at the top.

It requires supporting every employee so they can learn new skills, build confidence, and feel like a contributing member of the team. The goal is to create an environment where your team feels more engaged and energized

So how do you start to develop a coaching culture within your organization? 

First, lead by example and hire a leadership coach for yourself.

Find someone who aligns with your values and desired outcomes for your team. 

Start to be curious and ask more questions.

You want your employees to learn from the experiences. Both positive and negative. Asking the right questions rather than giving them the answers will empower employees to seek their own solutions. This approach not only inspires critical thinking it also builds belief and trust.  

As I stated earlier, coaching culture starts with you.

Practice listening, asking questions, and encourage your team to reflect and develop insight rather than providing answers. Then guide them to coach their teams. Learning and modeling coaching behaviors will eventually allow a coaching culture to emerge. 

Coaching is a way of being, it’s a belief system.

You must practice and be consistent. Professional sports teams will not become the best in their league if they do not practice, train, and be consistent in their routine. Additionally, each athlete is provided regular feedback about their performance motivating growth and change. 

Coaching with each team member should happen both in real-time and in regular one-on-one sessions. The private sessions create a safe place for employees to share challenges, set specific goals and reflect on their contribution to the greater good of the organization. 

If you want to begin to create a coaching culture within your organization start by hiring a leadership coach. Then lead by example and be consistent. 

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