Insurmountable Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise

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I think you might agree that we have been operating in uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous times. This has increased feelings of stress and impacted many leaders’ ability to stay focused and positive. Well, it’s time for a mindset shift. It’s not all bad; it’s simply time to get creative, rethink the nature of your current business and pivot.
I owned and operated a health and fitness center for more than five years and have had a consulting practice for more than 15 years. If I didn’t remain fluid during the challenging times, I would not be successful today. I have had to stay positive, determined and persevere when things were hard. I learned along the way that each obstacle that felt seemingly insurmountable was actually redirecting me toward opportunities that have contributed to my success.
It is time for a mindsets shift!!
As the leader of your organization are you focused on your vision? Do you understand the needs of your people, and how you need to pivot? Is your mindset positive or negative? Have you thrown your hands up in frustration and declared, “I am stuck and don’t know what to do next?” It’s time to focus on gaining clarity and being agile and adaptable.
You need to work smarter not harder!!
Experiencing challenges as opportunities can feel like a mind f*%k but trust me; everything happens for a reason. A shift in your mindset can be a challenge for you as a leader. Managing your emotions, maintaining perspective, and not overreacting will allow you to see beyond the frustration.
Stop forcing and pushing. Instead, take a step back and pause long enough to see the opportunities. They are there!
When you are faced with what seems like an insurmountable obstacle, look to see where it is redirecting you. The obstacle is there for a reason. It is guiding you, your team, and your business to grow and thrive.
It will require that you use your critical thinking skills, get gritty and dig deep. It’s supposed to be hard! If it were easy to lead a team, build a business, or navigate rough waters, everyone would be doing it.
Leadership and entrepreneurship require creativity, determination, and fearlessness, but also, the ability to pivot! There is little to no room for self-doubt or inaction. Be a risk taker and GO!
Do you want to know the secret to a thriving business?… It is one that gets stronger under stress and that strength starts with you as the leader.
So, ask yourself – What are you doing to ensure you are operating with clarity, agility, and adaptability? How are you supporting the growth and development of your leadership team? Are you supporting creative thinking, engaging with a positive mindset, and seeing the obstacles as opportunities?
It’s unfortunate but, as stress increases, a typical first line of defense is to neglect the development and support of leadership. This is short-sighted and will only lead to short-term results. Remain focused on the vision, look for the opportunities in the chaos and keep your mindset positive.
Become a successful leader who sees the obstacle as opportunities. Pause, reflect, and pivot.

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Dr. Dionne Kress

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