Intuition – Your Internal Guiding Light

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Life is unpredictable. Our life’s journey is not lived in a straight line. We encounter many twists and turns along the way and often find ourselves in places we feel unable to navigate    – places where there are more questions than answers and we feel forced to make decisions without clarity. 

How do you navigate those rough waters when there is no compass to guide you, when there is no clear path to follow?

It is in these moments of doubt that we must trust in something greater than ourselves – our intuition. When you’re lost and don’t know which direction to turn, let your intuition be your guide. It will always help you to find your way. 

Intuition will always lead you to the most solid ground – a life full of purpose and meaning. Learning to follow your intuition may feel uncomfortable at first but remain patient and trust your gut. It is your internal guide and will lead you to places you never knew existed.  Always trust your intuition. It will never lead you astray. 

There are ways we can strengthen our intuition as well.

One way to do this, and I have said it many times, is to find your “Why”. It’s the meaning and purpose for what you do every day of your life. Your why is your pursuit of a higher calling and your belief in something bigger and more meaningful than yourself. It gives life direction and purpose. Defining your “Why” only helps to strengthen your intuition to guide you in those times you can’t clearly see the way.

Another way to strengthen your intuition is taking time for deep reflection. By reflecting on the past, you gain clearer insight into the future. It helps you to develop a deeper understanding of how your experiences and decisions are interconnected, and how things fit together. For me, I love to spend time in nature with my thoughts. It is a place where I can quiet my mind and allow the answers to come from within. 

Find what works for you to purposefully reflect, and your intuition will strengthen.

We cannot predict the future and the path is not always clear. Sometimes we may choose a path and it feels like it leads to failure. These challenges are only part of the process. They are part of that higher power leading us to success. Even failures have lessons to teach us, lessons that only get us closer to our greater success. 

Step into the unknown with confidence. Stop letting fear and doubt hold you back from taking the risks to get you where you are supposed to be. Have faith in yourself and your intuition.

Again, life is unpredictable, but you must keep the faith and be resilient. You must keep moving forward not backward, taking time to connect the events and experiences of your life, realizing each challenge empowers you to live a more joyful and happy life.  

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

Welcome. I’m grateful your quest led you here. I’m Dr. Dionne Kress, a professionally trained leadership coach, therapist and business expert, successfully working to transcend leaders and their teams.

My mission is to reveal the bolder, stronger leader living within. I’ve built a successful practice and leadership model for top executives and their teams so these clients can live a more purposeful and impactful life.

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