Leaders Who Lead with Love

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Love in business may sound strange to many but I say, why not! As humans we seek connection and belonging and who doesn’t like to feel loved and cared for? As a leader who leads with love, you will care about what inspires and empowers your people. Love is about being thoughtful about what is important to your people then helping them to achieve their goals.

When you love the people you lead, you become more curious, willing to ask questions, and genuinely express an interest in who they are. You become more empathetic, trying to understand their experience and putting yourself in their shoes.

As the younger generations enter the workforce, they are looking for more meaning in their work and authenticity from leadership. One way to provide this is by infusing love. In my conversations with leaders, some cannot understand the notion of leading with love in business. They cannot wrap their heads around putting people over profits. In my experience profits over people is an outdated way of thinking. The future of business must focus on becoming more mindful of people and trusting that when you do, the profits will naturally follow.

People who feel trusted feel empowered. In my role as a Chief Heart Officer, I strive to get full engagement from those I coach. I encourage open and honest communication which leads people to feel heard. With a combination of love, trust, and honest communication you will create a team of people who are willing to go above and beyond.

As a leader who leads with love, you will create a business that has a heart and serves others. Are you concerned with the hearts of your people? Do you seek to understand your people and know what motivates them? If you do it will have a positive influence on your business.

I realize this can be difficult as a leader. It’s always easier to go into a meeting and talk about strategy, profit margins, and revenue. When you ask someone to talk about their feelings, it can get really uncomfortable. Love in business likely sounds way too touchy-feely for most, but trust me when I tell you, this is one of the best investments you can make. Expression of love in business does not mean you are soft. You can still hold people accountable and have high expectations.

Love simply means you are showing compassion and kindness.

If you decide you are going to trust me on this, you will need to start by being authentic and listening to truly hear what others are saying. You must genuinely want to get to know the person you are leading and you must really listen to what they have to say.

Love in business may sound strange but trust me when I tell you this could be the key to your success.

As a leader who leads with love, you are choosing to have a positive effect on the people who are helping you to be successful.

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