Leadership Reflection and Changing from Within

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If you want to become the best version of yourself sit quietly, reflect and journal.

 It is not possible to think yourself into a new way of being. You must sit quietly and reflect. You must allow the answers that are already within to be heard. 

He was an elderly man whose face had life written all over it. He sat drinking tea as he reflected on his life:

When I was young, I was full of fire, and I wanted to awaken everyone. I prayed for enough strength to change the world.

In midlife, I awoke one day to realize my life was half over and I had changed no one. I prayed for strength to change those close around me, who so much needed it.

And now, here I am a very old man, and my prayer today is very simple. I pray for the strength to at least change myself

In life we must learn to first assemble the inner, then the outer.

We must first acknowledge the important rather than the insignificant.

We must recognize the great rather than the trivial.

We must first lead ourselves, and then only then we can lead others.  

By Lolly Daskal.

If you want to learn more about who you really are, start by asking yourself a few contemplative questions:   

Who am I?

Until you can connect with your authentic self, it will be difficult to effectively lead. Make a mindful decision to focus on getting to know who you really are. Begin to develop your natural-born gifts and talents. Take time to learn about yourself and change one small step at a time. Sit quietly, go inward and be patient.

What is my purpose?

Only when you are in alignment with your life’s purpose will your journey through life become clear. With clarity, you will gain a sense of empowerment about what matters to you most. You will gain a sense of direction and focus. Once you understand your purpose in life everything will become meaningful and purposeful. You will lead with intention.

Who do I want to be?

Start by taking a good hard look in the mirror. Who do you see? Who is looking back at you? How does this make you feel? If you want to impact the people around you and influence them in a positive way, make the changes you need to make. Commit to connecting to what is meaningful and fills you with passion. Don’t wait until the best years of your life have passed you by to start being the best version of yourself. 

Change starts from within. It takes time, commitment, and work. Leadership is not a position of authority; it is a responsibility and privilege. As a leader, you are intended to inspire, guide, and bring out the best in others. But it starts with you becoming the best version of yourself. Start by sitting quietly. Reflect on life, questioning who you are and who you want to become. Commit to making the change. 

Begin the journey toward being your best self by leading from within. 

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