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If you have followed my blogs, you know that each year, @Brian Kempisty, founder of Port X Logistics, and I, take the leadership team on a retreat. The week spent in Montana is not for the faint of heart. Brian and I ensure to push the limits of what the team believes possible about themselves and business. We challenge them physically, mentally, and emotionally. We do this with intention and purpose because people do not naturally feel limitless in their potential. 

As I was planning this year’s  2023 summer retreat in Montana, I heard the song Limitless by Kiaro. The lyrics made me feel unstoppable and filled me with the motivation and energy to push through whatever challenges might stand in my way, so I decided to share them with the team. 

No Limit. Still standing. Waited for this moment, Better take advantage. Think you falling off. Show ‘em your balance. Show ‘em your passion. Move forward, not backwards. Go hard. Be effortless. Confident, off the ground. Might be safe for now. We ain’t peddling. Keep control, we ain’t settling. Keep it going to the very end. Till you win, gotta try again. Ain’t no limits. We gon get it in.. Aye. Start it up, we finish it. Never running out of energy. Keep it goin til we finish it. Keep it goin. I am limitless. (Song Lyrics by Kiaro).

People get stuck in their own stories of self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence. They need to be guided back toward realizing their potential. When you show people there is no limit, they will keep moving forward, not backward. Beyond the usual planning of business strategies, goal development, and discussion on initiatives, that is our vision for the leadership team each year. 

Brian Kempisty always says, “Business, much like life, moves in stages and never in a straight line.” Business and life are HARD. They are supposed to be hard! When life gets tough, we are forced to learn and grow. There are defining moments in life that help us develop character. They are the moments that require grit and teach us how to persevere. Who wants to lead a life or business that is vanilla or beige? Defining moments teach us resilience, give us perspective, and give life color and texture.   

Life is limitless. When you start it, you finish it; never running out of energy. If you desire greatness, you must develop a limitless belief system, push through all challenges, and know that it is never over. 

No boundaries. No end. No limits. Nothing is easy. And everything is earned. Be the last one standing. Be the best out. Be limitless. Limitless. Start it up, we finish it. Limitless. Never running out of energy. Limitless. Keep it goin till we finish it. Keep it goin till we finish it. Keep it goin, I am limitless. Limitless.

 (Song lyrics, Kairo) 

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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