In my role as an Executive Coach and Chief Heart Officer, my intention is to guide those who are searching to find inner peace or just a little more happiness in life. I prefer to work with leaders who are ready to be awakened and take a bold step forward toward healing. Healing of the mind, body, and spirit improves the human experience.

I sometimes feel people think growth and healing are about becoming flawless. To seek perfection in character. To get to the finish line feeling triumphant. Well, I am here to dispel the myth of perfection or reaching the finish line. We are all perfectly imperfect and need to accept that we are flawed and on a continuous learning journey. The intention of my work is to shift a previously adopted false belief system. A belief system that results in being inauthentic and causes us to pretend. Or as I say, “wear a mask to hide your truth”.

My work with clients is about shifting their perspective and helping them to realize:

  • It’s ok to be imperfect
  • It’s ok to continue learning
  • It’s ok to keep stumbling and falling
  • It’s ok to be a mess
  • It’s ok to be scared
  • It’s ok to be lost
  • It’s ok to be human (Altheia Luna, 2022).

The problem with trying to be perfect or acting as if we know all the answers is that we deny ourselves of wholeness. We would rather avoid acknowledging our wounds, facing our shadows, or dealing with our baggage. Denial is what we do to avoid the hard work required to heal. Denial prevents us from doing self-exploration and radical letting go to get to our truth. Once we realize our truth, we can experience more peace and joy, and simply be more human.

I love working with clients and helping them to dispel the illusion about who they are supposed to be. I love guiding them toward becoming more authentic, compassionate, and real. I love the moment they realize they can remove their mask and stop pretending. I find pure joy in seeing a person emerge in his/her truth.

Let the protective layers of your ego fall away and allow your truth to be revealed. Wholeness is achieved through integration and balance. Not by denying parts of your being. Become more human by taking responsibility for your own growth and learning and transcend into who you already are.
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