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There is a great cost when you neglect the human element of your business. Developing connections with your people will show a significant return on investment. Please do not misunderstand, I am not suggesting you nurture your people for the sole purpose of increased profits. What I am telling you is when you love and care for your people it organically leads to increased employee engagement, caring connections, and a culture people want to be a part of. That in turn results in profits.

In today’s business environment we seem to face more confusion than clarity. People feel stressed, afraid, and uncertain. One of the most important roles you can play as a leader is that of being human.  When you simply act human you bring heart, compassion, and empathy. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and show people you genuinely care about them.

Let’s talk about the leadership mindset that has left us disillusioned for many years. Leadership philosophies have interpreted leadership to mean “doing” or an opportunity for action. Leaders who prescribe to this philosophy lead through boundaries, policy and procedure and solely focus on the finish line.

If we look at the origin of leadership, it conveys the notion of being a guide or someone who inspires. This definition focuses on the connection between self and other. Meaning to be of service toward something bigger than yourself. To “be” not “do”.

Human connections at work aren’t just good for people but also the performance of your business. When you adopt a human-centered style of leadership your culture will reflect trust, kindness, and wisdom. And the people you lead will develop a better sense of well-being.   

Allow humanness into your leadership. Strive to be your best self every day and make an effort to inspire those who follow. Your business cannot become whole without integration. As a human leader you gain self-respect and feel unconditional love. You will appreciate the transformation and become aware of how transcendence is about being connected.

Now is the time to rewrite your story, become the human leader your people need you to be. Here is what it looks like:

Love: Human leadership grounds you in self-respect and unconditional love. You recognize your people for who they are, accept their uniqueness and treat them with respect.

Self-Leadership: Human leadership is about gaining self-awareness and maintaining positive connections thru clarity of self and others. You lead with purpose, live your values, and optimize on your strengths.

Continuous Learning: Human leadership acknowledges the old narrative of your story and the necessity to embrace personal growth. It accepts limitations and honors imperfections. It celebrates the balance of mind, body and spirit. It values the journey as much as the result.

As a human leader, you have the ability to change people’s lives every day. Human leadership is not only possible, but it is required for us to handle the complexities of our future.

I hope you found this week’s newsletter inspiring and helpful. Let’s continue the conversation.

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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