Spirituality and Leadership

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I have always believed that we must integrate the mind, body, and spirit into our growth as leaders. You cannot “think” yourself into a new way of being. You must connect with the mind, body, and spirit if you want to become whole. 

I had a conversation recently with a client who enlightened me on the fact that much of the work I do is centered on spiritual well-being. I knew this was true, but not to the depths that he made me realize!

I started to consider this idea and what I discovered was that he was right. Much of the work I do is spiritually focused. Spirituality is composed of relationships, values, life’s purpose, and connection all primary things I focus on with my clients. 

If you consider spirituality (not only from a religious context) it has numerous traits that parallel leadership.

Compassion, courage, humility, passion, heart, inner strength, and beliefs. Spirituality is what connects us with our higher selves, it is our source of “why.” It provides meaning and purpose to our lives. 

As I work individually with clients, I ask them about their “why”. Why do they choose to do the work they do? What really matters to them? Why have they chosen to work at “X” organization? These are all spiritual questions that inspire a deeper connection to self and the reasons people do what they do. 

I’ve come to realize that the more I grow spiritually, the better I can serve others. Coaching provides a space for me to listen closely without judgment and to connect with humans in a meaningful way. It allows me to serve and guide people on their journey toward understanding the purpose and meaning of their lives. 

In conclusion, my client was right, I do ground my practice in spiritual growth. I believe the more connected we feel with who we are, the better we can lead by example. When you know your “why” you can forge a clear path connecting with the purpose of your life. 

I would encourage you to consider how spirituality plays a role in your leadership. Can you connect with a higher purpose and meaning for how you lead? Do you know your “why”? 

When you understand your life’s purpose, you know what matters to you. You can then align your passion, vision, and goals. 

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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