Talk is Cheap, Take Action in 2023!

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As we start another New Year you may be reflecting on all the things you promised yourself you would accomplish last year. How did you do? Were you able to check all the boxes? Did you accomplish all your goals, desired changes, and aspirations? I, unfortunately, can say NO to checking all my boxes. It’s both disappointing and motivating.

As I move into 2023 my two words are Accountability and Discipline. I plan to hold myself accountable to more action this year because talk is cheap. Additionally, I aim to improve upon my personal level of discipline. A lot of talk with no action is just dreaming. I am not against dreaming, but there must be a plan and execution. The longer you procrastinate the more likely it is that what you want to accomplish in the future will move into the past. Life moves fast my friends trust me on this!!

My dad taught me from a young age that you must have goals, written goals, if you want to accomplish anything. This is a practice I have followed for most of my life, and it works. But it takes accountability and discipline. We all get distracted by life, but it is not an excuse to lose track of what is important to you. Write your goals on paper, make a plan and execute. You may surprise yourself by 2024.

As a Chief Heart Officer, it is my responsibility to hold people accountable to their goals and tasks. If I am not doing the same, it sets a bad example. It is vital that I follow through and do what I say I am going to do or those I lead will not trust or respect my leadership. Become the leader your team wants to follow because you follow through, hold true to your commitments, and make shit happen.

My second guiding word for the year is Discipline. When I say Discipline, I do not mean obeying rules or punishment, but rather, commitment, diligence, and ritual. Did you know those who practice self-discipline are happier? Why, you may be asking? Because they actually achieve the goals, they set out to accomplish. They are able to bridge the gap between simply setting goals and accomplishing them. It is very rewarding.

So how can you get started?

  • Set clear goals and have a plan for execution.
  • Change your perception about what you believe is possible.
  • Establish new habits and rituals and be diligent.
  • Hold yourself accountable and have discipline.

You might be, saying, easy for you to say. Yep, it’s easy to say a lot of things, I told you at the beginning talk is cheap. So, what are you willing to DO to take action and achieve your goals this year? Ready to take on the challenge? I have already started.

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Dr. Dionne Kress

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