The Year Has Come to An End

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As the year comes to an end, taking time to reflect on your leadership and how it impacted the lives of others can be a valuable exercise. As you sit in quiet contemplation, consider your achievements, challenges, and continued areas for growth as you move into a new year. 

Starting with your accomplishments, think about what moment stands out for you in your leadership. How did your guidance and support create a tangible impact on your team? 

Reflect on the challenges you have personally faced. How did you tackle them, and what did you learn by overcoming those challenges? We all have moments that test our patience, skill, and ability, allowing us to build resilience. How did those challenging experiences shape you as a leader?

Explore your growth journey. What action steps did you take throughout the year to ensure you remained on your own personal growth path? Did you engage in mentorship to help those who follow you, learn from you, and you from them? Did you openly ask for feedback and use that feedback to uncover your blind spots, ultimately improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence? 

Finally, what is your vision for the upcoming year? Sit with your journal and write down your personal aspirations for 2024. Outline your goals so you can clearly envision your future, taking time to reflect on both your personal and professional growth over the year. This exercise will help you to deeply connect with your experiences and gain better insight into who you are as a leader. 

I realize this suggestion is a cliche for the end of a year, but I truly believe this will bring all the experiences you had over the year back to your awareness. Reflection is simply a process in growth and learning. Each time I do this exercise myself, I am shocked to be reminded of the number of triumphs and challenges I have overcome AND learned from. 

If you are a leader who is truly a visionary seeking to influence the lives of others, you spend little to no time looking in the rearview mirror. You are focused on what is ahead. However, there is great value in taking time to reflect and bringing yourself back to those moments of learning. If you want to be better, faster, and smarter with what is coming in the new year, take a little time to reflect, learn, and plan for 2024.  

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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