Walking Alone in the Desert

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Last week I had the privilege of participating in a Mirroring Retreat.  I spent five days in the Mojave Desert walking with a healing intention, allowing mother nature to hold a safe space for me to deepen my connection. Being alone in the desert provides quiet solace, time to reflect, ponder, and discover.  You move from your head to your heart and let mother nature present the answers you seek. 

All my time was not spent alone in the desert. I was with a supportive community of people who I immediately fell in love with. I was awestruck by each of them as they shared their stories of grief and pain, as well as healing, joy, and inner peace. I met writers, poets, business people, and artists who had traveled the world and people of age and wisdom who taught me how to look at life from a new perspective

The wisdom brought forth from the small community was like no other experience I have ever had. It made me realize I have so much more to learn about myself, relationships, and life. I will be spending more time exploring my truth and my life’s purpose. It became clear to me that I am not here to Do but to Be for others on their journey. 

We shared our stories, life experiences, and wisdom as the week progressed. Throughout the days love grew organically. What I began to realize was that I was surrounded by a community of people who had gone inward to connect to self-love. They had learned to trust vulnerability and opened their hearts. We were a small community of ten who bonded without resistance because we chose to connect with love and not fear. What an awakening human experience

The world we reside in is driven by fear. Fear drives the ego. The ego protects the soul from pain, hurt disappointment, but it also keeps us disconnected from love and real connection with other humans. The community of people I had the pleasure of spending time with were present, open, and full of heart. We connected through the soul. We opened our hearts without fear of judgment or ridicule. We listened intently to each other for the purpose of learning and growing together. 

Having someone listen to your story and mirror back their experience of your words, emotions, and spiritual understanding is the most powerful shift I have had in my life. It has changed me at the core of my being. I feel like I can see people through an unfiltered lens of kindness and understanding. I have learned to come out of the shadow of my own fear so I can serve those who are on a similar journey. 

I chose to go on this retreat because I felt a calling to reconnect to something bigger and more meaningful than myself.  I returned with an open heart, more love, kindness, and compassion. And a human experience that is difficult to truly put into words.  

On my journey, I learned that it is ok to come out of the shadows accepting the parts of ourselves we like to hide. Accepting who we really are brings us into a new awareness allowing us to openly share our evolving stories of authenticity.   

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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