What is Your Superpower?

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When you think of superpowers what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s probably Superman’s ability to fly, Spiderman’s speed and agility, or maybe the Hulk’s superhuman strength. These are all real superpowers, well at least in the movies. Have you ever considered your superpowers and how they influence your leadership? 

I often work with clients helping them to connect with their superpowers. Many leaders do not even realize they have them. I believe superpowers are more than physical strength and superhuman capabilities. Superpowers include natural human behaviors that reside in all of us and can lay dormant when it comes to leadership. They include human behaviors such as curiosity, authenticity, resilience, compassion, and heart

When I think of leadership and superpowers, I think of the energy you bring into a room. Are you inspiring and engaging? Do you make people feel confident and empowered? Do you genuinely care about people? Or do you leave a residue of self-doubt, lack of motivation, and disengagement? 

If I have learned anything in my years of being a leadership coach, it’s that being human and recognizing the humanness of your followers is what will help you to be seen as a superhero.   

When you engage the superpower of curiosity, you will seek to understand and ask more questions. Curiosity is the superpower that opens your imagination and inspires creativity amongst your followers. 

As children, we asked a lot of why questions: Why is the grass green? Why do we have 10 fingers and toes? In school, we were taught that we must know the right answers. We learn that being wrong or not knowing is a weakness. I believe as leaders we must ask more questions and seek to understand. Asking more questions and accepting that you may not always know the answers, will expand your critical thinking. From this, you may find new solutions to old problems and challenge your own perspective.  

Be curious about your people. Ask them questions and get to know them. Seek to understand, listen, and make them feel respected. It will build a culture of connection, inspiration, and creativity. 

The superpower of Authenticity allows you to show up real and in your truth. When leading with Authenticity you will lead by example and clearly express your vision and purpose. You will strive to build a culture of trust and connection. Perfection is not the goal, but instead acceptance, truth, and being real. 

To be an effective leader in the world today you must be Resilient. Resilience is a superpower that helps you overcome adversity. You see obstacles as something to overcome rather than to stand in your way. You see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and encourage the same in your followers. You will inspire a sense of confidence and grit in those you lead.

If you are a leader who possesses the superpower of Compassion, you have the ability to understand the perspective of others. You are empathetic and appreciate the personal stories of each and every individual. You are accepting of diversity, and lead with heart. 

Finally, the superpower of Heart. To me, this is the ultimate superpower of a leader. It allows you to connect, to express genuine care and kindness. It makes those who follow, feel appreciated, respected, and heard. The superpower of Heart will change people’s lives and make them realize their greatest potential. 

I want to encourage you to reflect on the human behaviors you have allowed to lay dormant. Discover your superpowers and use them to positively influence your leadership and the culture of your organization. 

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Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

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