Writing a Manifesto

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At the beginning of each New Year I always spend time reflecting on the past and planning for the year ahead. I sit with my journal and write my goals along with a detailed plan and timeline for achievement.  This year I decided to take a different approach and I wrote my Personal Manifesto.

If you are not familiar a Manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, values and a personal vision for how you will impact the world around you. It affirms what you are passionate about and clarifies your purpose.

It is written with empowering language, optimism, and positivity. It is statement that is intended to be encouraging for yourself and others. It has the power to remind you of who you are and what you are truly capable of.

A Manifesto has the power to provoke change and enthuse. Here are five steps for you to follow to write your Personal or Leadership Manifesto for 2022.

  1. Get inspired. Read what others have written to get you started. Don’t copy what others have written but think about what you believe. What are your core values? How do you want to inspire change?
  2. Brainstorm and take notes. Start with a few brief statements, I believe… I want to… I know this to be true… Complete the statements with your own personal experiences, wisdom you have gained throughout your life, or quotes that inspire you.
  3. Write a rough draft. It does not have to be perfect. It can be short, long, bulleted, paragraphs or pictures. Use your personal creativity to express who you are. It is your Manifesto; it should be an expression of you.
  4. Set it aside for a few days. Allow what you have written to marinate. Proofread it and determine if it still holds true. Do the statements represent your belief, values, and purpose? Does it inspire you?
  5. Start to live it. Your Manifesto is your declaration of who you are. It’s your personal mission statement. Put it where you can see it and live it each day.

Below I am sharing a short segment of my personal Manifesto to inspire you to write yours. 

I believe in the potential of HUMANS. I support and guide people to be more of who they already are. I believe we need to live through soul not the voice of the EGO. I value authenticity and truth.

I love to learn, grow and inspire. I respect and listen to the guidance of my inner voice. I strive to help people to change the narrative of their personal stories so they can live in their truth. I believe in a balanced mind, body, and spirit. I love to inspire and motivate others toward change. Being positive and optimistic bring joy.

I know this to be true…You must do the thing you think you cannot do. People need to connect with their souls and master the art of listening to their intuition so they may live in their truth

Dr Dionne Kress

Dr. Dionne Kress

Welcome. I’m grateful your quest led you here. I’m Dr. Dionne Kress, a professionally trained leadership coach, therapist and business expert, successfully working to transcend leaders and their teams.

My mission is to reveal the bolder, stronger leader living within. I’ve built a successful practice and leadership model for top executives and their teams so these clients can live a more purposeful and impactful life.

I can’t wait to meet with you. Let’s set up a complimentary consultation to talk more about your customized experience.

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